Programming becomes a more and more important skill to have. Childhood is a great time to start learning programming and to develop computational thinking, creativity, and problem- solving skills!

Storytelling & Game Design

What makes a game fun and engaging? How do game designers keep users entertained? In this course, students learn storytelling and game design fundamentals. 

In the end, Kids get to create their own animation stories and games using basic computer programming concepts picking apart some of their favorite games with the course instructor.

Mobile App Development

Apps are everywhere! But have you ever wondered what goes into the making of an app? In this course, students will learn how to use human-centered design to build a game/animation (mobile) app using App Inventor 2 platform, an intuitive, visual programming environment that allows everyone – even children – to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets. Deploy the app on their own phones & empower them with the potential to impact the world!

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